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Poziv na jednodnevnu predkonferenciju “Growing resilience: researching beyond academia”, 16.5.2017.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the preconference event  Growing resilience: researching beyond academia. 

This one-day conference will be held on 16th of May 2017, a day before ERFCON 2017 conference. The preconference is organized by the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences University of Zagreb and the project Specific characteristics of families at risk: contribution to complex interventions planning (FamResPlan), that is supported by the Croatian Science Foundation.

The preconference event will explore many different aspects of resilience with the emphasis on meaningfully engaging youth and communities in the research process so that we can change social structures that support adversity in order to foster resilience of people at risk for social exclusion.

With the focus on youth and community engagement, the main questions at the conference are:
How do academic researchers include people at risk for social exclusion into research, as partners? Could that be a first step toward their inclusion into society? How to integrate resilience theory, research, practice and policy with the aim of supporting health, wellbeing and social justice? How to create practice friendly science along with evidence – based practice? How to best share findings with both policy makers and the public?

Some of the answers to these questions, as well as examples of comprehensive co-productive research, will be offered by two excellent and well known resilient researches: Professor Linda Liebenberg (Dalhousie University, Canada) and Professor Angie Hart (University of Brighton, UK).
Both have conducted extensive research internationally, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in conducting co-productive resilience focused research.

Along with them, other researchers, practitioners, policy makers, service users will examine what resilience research is telling us about the ways of fostering healthy responses when faced with risk and adversity.

We believe this preconference will offer an exciting and innovative space for many passionate and creative people in the field to share their ideas and develop further cooperation.

The discussion on resilience will continue at the main ERFCON 2017 conference, where the celebrated Ann Masten will present a plenary lecture.

We are very happy to welcome you in Zagreb, Croatia, on 16th of May, 2017!

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