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fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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Najava konzultacija s Lindom Liebenberg, Julie Walsh i radionice “Using writing for successful funding”

Članovi projektnog tima, u četvrtak, 21.11.2019. od 10 do 13 sati imat će konzultacije/sastanak s projektnom konzultanticom Lindom Liebenberg i gošćom Julie Walsh (eksperticom za kompleksne intervencije).

U subotu, 23.11.2019. od 9:00 do 18:00 sati, prof. Linda  Liebenberg u sklopu doktorskog studija Prevencijska znanost i studij invaliditeta održati će radionicu “Using writing for successful funding”.

 Workshop description: Using writing for successful funding

This workshop will review the process of writing in relation to a core academic goal: writing successful funding applications. The workshop will provide an approach to the act of writing: how to do it, and more importantly, using writing as a tool to develop your own thoughts around a topic, to effectively communicate the need for a study and why your study will respond well to that need. The workshop will include a review of looking for funding opportunities, strategic approaches to presenting research ideas, and tools for clear communication. In this way the emphasis of the workshop is writing for a specific purpose and how to ensure that this purpose is successful.


Linda Liebenberg, PhD., is a leading researcher in the field of youth resilience and community development. She is a researcher and evaluator with a core interest in children and youth with complex needs. Her work explores the promotion of positive youth development and mental health, including formal service provision, informal community supports and community development. As a key component of this work, Linda reflects critically on best ways in which to conduct research and evaluations with children and their communities (including multiple service providers). These approaches include participatory image-based methods; sophisticated longitudinal quantitative designs; and the design of measurement instruments used with children and youth. Linda has developed consulting and collaborative relationships with many international community-based organizations, including the World Bank, the World Health Organization, Save the Children, and the Institute for International Criminal Investigations. Linda is an investigator, co-investigator and collaborator on more than 38 grants, totalling more than $21M internationally, of which she has held 19 of these personally. The research projects she has lead, managed and collaborated on include the Spaces&Places project (for which her funding application was ranked 5th out of 74 national applications), the Youth Say project and the Networks for Change project, amongst others. Linda has written the successful funding applications for many of these projects. In addition to her extensive publications, she has presented on all five continents on culturally and contextually meaningful approaches to promoting positive psychosocial outcomes of children and youth as well as the ways in which this can be researched and evaluated.